(Serious) Bug or "feature"?

Today I noticed in a downloaded app (iOS) that when I press the left-hand edge of the screen for about 3 seconds that the blocks editor opens (and I can even move blocks). No login needed!
So this is not in the Thunkable companion app, but in the downloaded and installed version of the app.

Is this a bug or a ‘feature’. I hope this behaviour does not exist in the thinkable apps that are published to the App Store, because that would mean that anybody can access your code, and even modify it.

@Thunkable staff, could you please let me know if this is intended behaviour? (and if so, if there is a way to disable this behaviour?)


PS: I put a clip of this behaviour on youtube [https://youtu.be/EbvOCIy9w54]
(https://youtu.be/EbvOCIy9w54) Left hand edge of the screen is pressed after about 7 seconds in the clip. Once again, this is the downloaded version of the app, so not in the companion app. Also, I am not logged in to Thunkable at the moment I press the screen

Have you turned off the “test mode” in the app features ?

No, test mode is switched on, but I thought that is only for stripe payment component? Will try if switching off test mode makes a difference.

In the meantime, can you fellow-thunkers try in your own projects if you see the same behaviour?

I have the same you’re right…Try with the test mode off and keep us updated !

I did some more testing, and it seems that the blocks show up if I press anywhere on the screen for about 3 seconds. Seems like a bug to me? @albert, @amrita, @mike, @Mark, or anyone from the Thunkable team: could you please let us know if this is a bug or intended behaviour?
If this is intended behaviour and it also happens in the versions that are published to the app/play store, this would definitely be a show-stopper for me, as this would allow any user to access the source of the app.

Thanks for your response!

Regards Rob

Rob, that is an experimental feature in our iOS companion and it is a bug that it happens in downloaded/published apps for iOS. It will be fixed in our next release (which should be within a few days).


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Thanks Mark! Looking forward to the next release!