Screen Opens twice on Downloaded iOS App

First screen loads twice and triggers Screen.Opens block twice on the downloaded iOS app and sometimes triggers Screen.Starts block and sometimes doesn’t.

Here is a simple sample app to recreate:
Take note that this only happens on Downloaded app on iOS so you need to download the app to see the bug. This doesn’t happen on Thunkable Live companion app. It tested on Apple iPhone 7+ and Apple iPhone XR with iOS 13.6

This is a critical bug for my app because:

  1. It doesn’t trigger the Screen.Starts and doens’t initialize my app
  2. Triggers Screen.Opens twice which results to duplicate data and calculations
  3. App seems really slow to start from the user perspective because Screen.Opens code runs twice
  4. Animation on splash page shows twice which aesthetically is bad.

Need help on this. Please.

Here is another post I create related to this:

This is the case on Android as well. I have been experiencing the same and yes, it must be fixed asap.


Hi @maptheunknown and @Deluxe

This is copied from a private conversation I am having with maptheunknown. If anyone tests my app and gets a difference result from what I paste below, we’d love to hear about it!

I tried to replicate this issue, and I was not able to.

I tested this app in the browser, and I downloaded it to an Android device and an iOS device.

As you can see, the app has two screens, and each screen has two labels. One says ‘starts’ and one says ‘opens’. When each screen starts, a ‘1’ is added to the end of the ‘starts’ label. When each screen opens, a ‘1’ is added to the end of the ‘opens’ label. You can navigate between the screens using a Button or the Bottom Tab Navigator.

The app behaves as expected: the ‘starts’ block is fired once when the app starts, and the ‘opens’ block fires every time the screen opens, including the first time. This behavior is consistent whether you navigate between screens with the Buttons or the Navigator.

If you test this app on a device and it does not behave this way, please let me know what behavior you see, and what device and OS (+version) you are using.



Hi @jane. The issue appeared about a month ago right after one of your back-end updates. My app has been live since last year and I have not been experiencing the issue, nor have I made any changes to the app’s first screen which now loads twice on both iOS and Android. I can make a video of the issue and send it to you privately. But I can tell you for sure, I am not dreaming, the issue is real.

I will try your project but I definitely can recreate it on the project I created.

I’ll get back to you about your project but not sure why I need to since I can recreate it already on the project I shared. Can you try if you can recreate on your side using my project?

This was the same for me. About a month ago when I started seeing my splash screen showing up twice. I didn’t think it was a big deal at that time and thought it was just the animation but now I realized and started seeing that it’s duplicating data and calculation and executing Screen.Opens block twice.

@jane I checked your project and you cannot see the issue because you only set the text. This only shows that Opens and Starts were triggered but doesn’t show if it was triggered twice and if the the text was actually set twice. To really see the issue you should use an Alert. If the Starts or Opens triggers twice then the alert will be called twice thus it will pop-up twice.

Here is a screen recording. You can see that the Starts and Opens were triggered twice thus the Starts and Opens alert popped-up twice. If you keep testing, you’ll notice that sometimes Starts is triggered 3x. And, if you remove Starts block then Opens gets triggered always twice or 3x.

Here is the link to a remix of your project. the only thing I added is an Alert.

You can also reference my original project to see this issue.



@jane - Any update on this? This is critical for my app to be released. Were you able to reproduce? Are you guys working on this? Any estimate on when it will be fixed?


Hi there,

We are still working on this issue. As a workaround, you can add a Timer to your app, set it to go off after 100 milliseconds, and put your ‘when Screen Opens’ blocks inside a ‘when Timer Fires’ block.



Hello @jane,

Thanks for the update and for the work around. I’ll try that workaround today.

Please keep us posted when it’s fixed.


@Jane I just noticed the same behavior in a project I’m working on too!

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Any updates?

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@jane is there any update you can share with us on this? Any progress, something, anything? This issue is killing us! Would creating a Git issue make any difference? C’mon!

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I already created a github issue

But not answer for the moment


Thanks for creating the github issue. I hope this gets fixed soon. This is the only critical bug we are waiting to fix to be able to release our app publicly in the app store.

@jane Any update on this? Is this fixed? Can we start testing if the fix worked?

Any updates?

Any update on this issue?

@jane @domhnallohanlon

It’s still happening while previewing in a browser, live testing in Thunkable Live and when downloaded as an app.

It makes most apps unusable so I hope it’s fixed soon. We’re going on 5 months since this issue was reported.

I’d also like to see a sample project that uses a timer as a workaround. I’m not clear about where the ‘when Timer Fires’ block goes.

Edit: it doesn’t seem to happen with new projects I create:

Drag & Drop → Thunkable
Legacy → Thunkable


Any updates? Seriously…