Splash page opens twice on downloaded app on IOS

The splash page or the first page of my app loads twice on a downloaded iOS app. This doesn’t happen when on the Thunkable Live companion. It happens on both iPhone 7+ and Apple XR and iOS 13.3.3.

3 issues because of this behavior:

  1. I have an animation on the splash page with Loop=False and this issue is noticeable because the animation loads twice every time I open the downloaded app on iOS.
  2. This makes the experience of the user to be slow because the splash page loads twice and it takes at least 4 secs just to load a simple splash page on a downloaded app.
  3. There are times where the user is already on the app (maybe after 5-6 secs) and then the app reloads and shows the splash page again. It feels like the whole app restarts in the middle of a session.

Anyone experiencing this too on their downloaded iOS apps? Any ideas to fix this?


Hello , I also have a splash screen on my app and I have the same problème !

This problem for me is on android and iphone
You can also see it on the companion when you click on “live test” to reload the app on the companion

Any updates to this issue?

I think I’m experiencing this, too. I added a vibrate block and a wait 30 seconds block inside a forever block within my “When screen opens” block and my device will vibrate multiple times within 30 seconds.

While we wait for the fix for the open event occuring twice, I thought I’d share the work around I’m using that seems to work on mulitple platforms.


For this solution to work, the Loading Icon must be set to VISIBLE = FALSE in the design screen.

The first time the screen loads, it will find the loading icon is not visible. That will allow execution to enter the IF Block. The first step in the IF block sets the loading icon to visible.

When the Open Event triggers a second time, the loading icon is visible, so the Open Event does not enter the IF block and effectively does nothing.

Unfortunately, this does not affect the flashing/flickering. But it does prevent 2 asynchronous executions of the Open Event, which produces really weird results if you you are using cloning (like me).


Any updates on this issue?

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I’m surprised this wasn’t reported before on Git Hub. Or else I missed it.

I reported it months ago, it is getting to be a big issu that as been there for a very long time