User enter Email, Automatically printed next page(in Email entry)

On the initialization screen, how do I automatically print the user-entered email to the Email entry on the next screen and also enter it into Airtable?

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When you save the entered email (or any other info) in an app variable you can then use it anywhere in the app. You can use it in any screen and update the data source.

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… and if that variable is a “stored” variable type, it will be available even between sesions… it will be locally saved. Actually user/email type is normally kept in a stored variable, so a user not to be forced everytime he acces the app to enter those again. :wink:

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Would you please teach me how to program by thunkable program block ?

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users will be entered in to firebase

There are a lot of useful tutorials that you can learn from and once you get stuck the community here will help you to get going again.

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@jumalcom222, following up on @muneer’s suggestion, here’s a tutorial on using variables you can follow:


Here’s what you need to do:

When button clicked
Set app variable Username to Text_Input_1s text
Set app variable Password to Text_Input_2s text
Navigate to Screen2

When Screen2 Opens
Set Label1s text to Join [app variable Username]
                         [" "]
                         [app variable Password]

Variable name is EEmail…

Error occurs…

Initialize it as anything you want, I usually don’t put anything or use an empty text string.

Then when save is clicked then you can use

set app variable EEmail to signup emails Text.

Either way, what you have wouldn’t work because when the screen starts, it will have the text input saved to the var because you’re trying to have it initialize to the input, which would be nothing because the user wouldn’t have time to put anything in it!

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Please see above my error…

Again, just initialize it to nothing. It’s not important.
What you do need to do is when save click set the variable.

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Is nothing “null” or “blank” ??

It doesn’t need to be anything, but yes, it can.