Question about stored variables

Hello, as a beginner with Thunkable I have some questions about variables. In docs, I found the firebase login tutorial ( Email Sign In by Firebase - Thunkable Docs. Where is email and password stored as “stored variable” for keeping users logged in. Can I ask how stored variables are saved in clients (web, Android, iOS)? Also is there some time how long variables will be stored?

I found that in web live preview stored variables can be found through browser developer tools. I hope that’s only because of easier debug.

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Welcome to Thunkable.
Stored variables as used to save information in the user’s device and never stored anywhere else. They are convenient for log in credentials as the email and password will be stored in the user’s phone.

The draw back of them that they are not encrypted but in the other hand, they are stored in the user’s device with an internal generated name not with the name you assign in design time.

The other drawback is that you need to test for it as the default value of any stored variable in null and this could crash the app if used instead of other values without testing that the value is not null..

These type of variables are an easy way for information to survive between sessions. Unlike app variables that is only available as long as the app is running, stored variables will retain their values even after the app is closed.