Stored Variables Secure?

Is the Stored Variables feature secure (Keychain/Keystore)?

I understand either way it’s in it’s own sandbox, are these variables simply stored as text?

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the stored variable is stored in device itself

Thank you for trying to answer, but that is not my question. I am aware it’s on the device. My question is asking HOW it’s stored on the device. I would like for someone from Thunkable to answer.

@knownkeep You have to use local db.

This helps you?

Reply Please…

@aaminahmansuri59h No, it doesn’t help.

I would respectfully ask, if you don’t work for Thunkable, please don’t answer this question. It doesn’t help to have incorrect answers on posts.


Sorry for it.

as per i know thunkable creates a space in the device to let the stored variable or local storage store it’s value there

I have requested this post be deleted.

which post are you talking about


Do you know who at Thunkable might be able to address @knownkeep 's question?

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