Where on the Hard Drive does the Stored Variable get saved

The below combination works as long as I don’t exit out of the app

The below combination works even if after a reboot.

Pleas note I dont have Firebase nor Cloudinary enabled
Q1: Is the text “abcd1234” stored on the local hard disk or in some special Thunkable memory which gets loaded every time we load the app?
Q2. If it is in the hard disk can I locate/read it using a Windows Browser
Q3: Why is a audio file (mp3) is not stored in where ever the text “abcd1234” was stored? Please advice. Thanks

Hello @anandavardhana57zwwl
I tried to replicate your issue but it didn’t happen to me,
Here is the app that I used for testing
Could you please check if this app works for you?

Hi @ioannis

Sorry it has been a while I lost context. However the program you sent works a long we dont exit out of the Web Preview mode. Once you exit and come back the file is still there in x.thunkable.… but it does not play. As per the stored variable rule the file is still there as such but it does not play. This is a new issue. However I do have my answer to the original question and that is stored variable are not stored in the local systems hard disk but a x.thunkable.… Thanks Ioannis

In Web preview it gets stored in browser cache or thunkable web app as i believe. But if you use an android phone, it gets stored in the folder the app is in. That’s what I believe. However, due to the limitation of viewing and exploring files and folders on iOS, I don’t know about that. But that’s what I believe and it may not be accurate, but likely where I said. 65% sure about that.

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Yes thanks @ioannis and @afnanfozailcw81 it does work. I got it. I keep forgetting testing it on mobile app. This issue is closed. Thanks to both.


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