☆updated☆ My first app - Jasper Goes Skiing Games

Hi all,

After a long time creating this app, I finally have it published to Google Play. It has taken a long time, because this is only a hobby for me, but I’m happy to have published my first game - considering I have little knowledge of coding, thanks to AI2 & thunkable.

So, if you have time, download it from below and try to beat the global score!

The game still has work needed to be done, but I became impatient with progress and released it.

It is an open-ended skiing game that progressively gets harder the long you ski for. The longer you ski, the more likely your score will be higher and you could beat the global high score and have your name displayed in real-time on every user’s devices.


You can also follow my progress by liking my facebook page called ‘auriga publishing’


Hello. I tried it. :grinning: And yes it is a good game.
I like the concept of the game.

Moreover, here are my suggestions:

  1. You need to optimize the picture to make it clearer. use www.tinypng.com
  2. Check the alignment and sizes of pictures.
  3. Review your buttons. Some of the buttons generate overlapping of pages. Furthermore, use when screenback properly.
  4. Moving the skii left or right are hard to control.
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After Trying your game, here is what i have to say! Your idea is very interesting and great , i love the Open Screen intro and Sound. very nice.

But here are my honest suggestion:

  1. it is a game not an App; therefore you should work on the timing of your ads. look for good breakpoints within your game where you can display adds without interacting user experience. i saw an ads 5 secs at the top of the screen whiles learning to navigate through the game. almost scared me away.

  2. just like James suggested above. work on your graphics, controls and it is suppose to be an endless loop like Temple Run and others and hence you have to make it thrilling (i understand it is your First Game so don’t worry but your real users who are not programmers will not understand and they may irritate you with their ratings)

  3. Any time i click on play, i have to enter my name again. :sweat_smile: . Please utilise the Database to store username the first time it is entered and call it whenever the user launches the app or wants to play again.

  4. A user opens the game, clicks on start and one live is already gone? Game Lives are to be full at the initial of a game unless the player hits an obstacle or dies. hope you get the clue here.

  5. All my lives are spent and am expecting a game over to pop on the screen and other options or probably an ads to show and i see nothing of the sort. i still see Jasper refusing to die and still skating on the snow. hope you work on this as well.

  6. When a user launches your game, at the top of the screen is a text box with a hint in it saying " …enter your name when prompted" that is not a prompt but only a static text box. use a label instead or any of the Dialog extensions. but personally i don’t think it is even necessary to be there. Remove it if you can.

  7. Facebook and G+ images on the main page; if they are not an icon or clickable, please consider adding your G+ and FB page user name in a label next to them or Remove them

  8. The last but not the least. your Screen Navigation. When to make a screen Visible and not Visible. on the Main menu, when you click on the help button, it will send you to the help screen but when you click on the back button and choose return to home, there is a screen conflict there. two screens will appear instead of one been visible and the other invisible. please work on that as well.

Impatience is the greatest Temptation in coding, app or game development. the zeal to bring your work to live. the joy to make everyone see what you have accomplished but if it is not Ready, it is not Ready!!! The First question you should ask yourself before you start any project is (Who are my Competitors? what category is my app or game going to fall under? how are the already available apps in the playstore/Market doing? Do i stand a Chance of been noticed? will i get enough good ratings to succeed in SEO?) i might end up writing a whole book from here but i hope i have said the most important of all. Work on your user experience.

I love your Game :heart_eyes:. GoodLuck and Happy Thunking!



Thanks for your feedback james - much appreciated. I have tested this only on one phone, but i will need to maybe download an emulator to see the issues you are having.

Thanks again


Thanks brainwork for your feedback - this gives me a lot to work on before the next release :).

Luckily, i haven’t promoted the app yet to my family/friends, so i have chance to resolve the issues raised.

Regarding the missing life, i always meant it to start with three, but if you collide with a heart, it goes up to 4 - but i guess i should look at displaying hearts left, differently.

Again, thanks for your feedback and i have discovered motivation to get the game improved and onto better things

I totally agree to this. Users will just gave you ratings without any consideration. Well, that is because they don’t understand the difficulty of making a workable and great app. So before you publish your app as “C - Commercial” in Playstore make sure it undergoes a thorough evaluation. Nevertheless, publish your app as “Alpha” or “Beta” and let other people (especially app developer) to check your App.

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Hi all, just to let you know, a newer version of jasper goes skiing is now available in google play. I have addressed some of the issues raised above - including a game over screen, showing jasper slightly injured ;).

There are still more issues to work through, but i hope you’ll agree, improvements have been made

There a lot of bugs.



Oh my god, what did you press to get this? On my phone, things appear visible correctly, at the right time and other things are made invisble at the same time - so I’m a bit confused. Thanks in advance for your help

This happens to everyone. Go to help, click back button & click Go Back to Menu.


Thanks for highlighting this. I will get this rectified :slight_smile:, are there any more bugs?

I did not found anymore.

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This game is like Horace goes skiing :smiley:

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I loved horace goes skiing! Who knows where jasper will end up next :wink:

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Hi all, just to let you know, version 1.3 is now available in google play. If you have chance, please reinstall or update and let me know what you think.

The global high score is now 8 !! :wink:

Hi all, thanks for all of your help to improve my game. I have released verson 1.4.1, which has addressed many of your suggestions and feedback.

Please say me how to make this type of game?

With thunkable ;).

Using clock timers for movement of the trees, hearts and golden skiis.
When edge reached, chance of reappearence based on random fractions. Timer fires every second.

Is there any particular part of the game you are asking about @Munna_m?

you might want to learn from Scott’s examples here