Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store

My friends and I had the idea to create a game similar to Pokémon Go, but with a different theme, GHOSTS! Our game have a map as the main screen where the player must walk to find ghosts along the way, and try to capture using a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner!

Link to Beta:

*Available in Portuguese (Brazil) and English

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This is made with App inventor/Thunkable?!?! :open_mouth:
Wow, great job!


did you use real time map like pokemon go??can we walk to catch those ghosts??


Parabéns! Também sou do Brasil.

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Yes, we’re doing it on Thunkable!



That’s awesome!
Can’t wait to try the game! :smiley:

Will the source code be available after you finish the game???

I ask for real time walking is it possible

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I mean… I could be… if you use the google map component, however, i have no idea how to make a moving avatar or moving ghosts in the map :confused:

I do not know yet, it depends on my friends also agreeing to release the .aia :confused:

Yes, it will be a real time, we use the GPS location to include your avatar on the Map as you walk (and the ghosts are placed on the map near your location)

I hope so! It would be awesome to see how you did the impossible :smiley:

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Development Update:
There will be unlimited storage of captured ghosts, thanks to the DynamicComponent extension!

You can see the ghost information on this particular screen! in it there will be the description, the “phantom power” of the ghost and the place where it was caught. It will also be possible to release the ghost to the world (in order to free space in the backpack)

It is now possible to give a nickname to the captured ghost, and also see the place where you got it

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Here a demonstration of the capture of the ghost (for recording the screen, the animations were very slow). It is basically this way: You must leave the container (to aim) on the ghost (the sight is controlled by the sensor of movements of the cell phone), and press several times the aspirator, to suck the ghost, the lantern serves to paralyze the ghost for some seconds (and facilitate to aim) the circle around the ghost will indicate the difficulty of catching it.

After you capture it, you can give it a nickname, improve its energy (as shown in the video) or release it in the world.

Link to the video:


Show de bola

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can u share the aia file

I was developing the game on several screens (Splash, Map, Bag, Capture, etc), the game constantly closed due to lack of memory, I reduced the textures (however it continued to close), so I started to check the RAM consumption of the app, and found that even when I closed a screen, the RAM did not decrease, only accumulated until it stopped working. Because of this I am having to completely redo the game, unfortunately it will be delayed. I “took” the situation to redraw some parts of the game.

(Here the image of the current demo)

Hello @Gabriel_Ferraz

As you have mentioned memory consumption issue. You may want to try this Open and Close screens at the same time