Catch Ghost - Now Open Source


Thanks very much to @Gabriel_Ferraz, who has worked on this project for a year and is very generously sharing the source with the Thunkable Community.

A lot of people have already mentioned that they would like to support this project, which you can now do through the PayPal link below.

Don’t forget you can still download the original here:

Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store

At last please tell me how the Avatar walks. Because it not also a Canvas.Please tell me. I would Donate you

Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store

I would pay for the .aia! Please release it!


I’m extremely busy with my college, so development is stopped … Oh, I’m also releasing the source code so you can see how the game works :blush:

If you all think it’s cool and want to donate something, I’d be happy :sweat_smile:

CatchGhost.aia (2,8 MB)



Yeah, the game has 2 avatars (4 sprites), but is possible include more


How brave of you to make a game like this open source :slight_smile: I’m sure it has been alot of work. But i think your creation will be abused by people, only wanting to make money with earning apps.

You is an awesome developer! :smiley: Keep doing what you do! :smiley:



So thanks :blush:


Hey Gabriel
Great to see your app is now open sourced. I would suggest @amrita @arun to add this app to Thunkable list of sample apps for show case.



I think @Nice_kode4 and @mannankhanabdul have made some good suggestions. If you like @Gabriel_Ferraz I can create a new topic in #ShareYourApps with your source code and donation link?


Of course, i would love :blush:


Thanks @Gabriel_Ferraz, I’ve moved a selection of posts from #SuccessfullyTHUNKd to this topic so that you have a dedicated space for this project now.


What About this :blush:


OMG :scream: thank you very much




Thanks @Gabriel_Ferraz


Hello @Gabriel_Ferraz, My name is Mizael, I’m starting now in thunkable and I’m with some dfculdades, as I’m trying to send my app in html to the thunkable. I made prototpation by, but I still have not seen any way of how it’s sending to thunkable.