Match 3 Faces Game

Heres my latest creation in Thunkable.

Match 3 Faces on Google Play




It’s nice. Where did you get those face avatars from?

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Thanks - oh I really can’t remember - I Think I bought a set once from a Stock site

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Nice and fun game :smiley:
Nice work!

Keep thunking!

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Thanks :smile:

I like the idea but what started frustrating me a little is that after each step all icons are shuffled… usually from similar games you are used to just the icons used being replaced… Also maybe it would look nicer / more natural if you would somehow blend over while shuffling… But overall nice done. If it was changed with the shuffling behaviour I think I would play it longer :wink:

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Thanks. I think you’re right…I really would like to make these things too. I have made this game from a tutorial on The tutorial was for a game on iOS. The tutorial had an approach like what you’re suggesting - animation and partly replaced icons. My problem was the block coding - I had to stop because it exploded and was too hard to manage… this is why I shuffle each time.

Fading between two swapped icons was really nice to have. I might work on that - I think it would be a nice feature with some kind of transition. Thanks for your comments :-))

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please provide me aia of this game on

@PrabhaShukla not everybody just shares there work as .aia – I guess @bokalvslund would have uploaded it if he wanted to share it. Not everything is free and open source…


well said @Chris thanks
if you have any aia please send me on
i understand everything is not free but asking and discussing something here is free of cast :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

You should probably understand that developers usually already know that sharing their source code without any formal open source platform can result in subjecting their work to cheating.

No one wants that in response to their hard work and innovation.


@PrabhaShukla You would have given a proof of your education if you had not made derogatory remarks just because I might be quite younger than in you in terms of mere age.

As a matter of information, I would like to make you know that when I answer your question, I do a FAVOUR to you. In such a case, its quite a pity you still end up stopping people from answering you by commenting impolite remarks.

If you yet find it embarrassing to have someone younger than you answer your question, you should know that at least in that particular area, I am more knowledgeable than you and you should rather respect that. Moreover, I am not the kind of person who seeks to COPY other people’s work and I can say with dignity that I believe in originality and not in such unparliamentary behaviour.

It’s quite bad for you to still have such an attitude even in a community where everyone helps someone else. If it comes to helping, unlike you, I have been been more active and helpful over here to help new thunkers get their apps going.

If you are really civilised, you should probably apologize and delete that insulting comment. If not, I might need to report you to the moderators for their intervention.

Mrigank Pawagi

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@PrabhaShukla we don’t accept crude behaviour like this in our community!

If you don’t want to follow our Community Guidelines and be respectful - also to younger users - feel free to leave! Otherwise please watch your language. Not agreeing on something is no excuse to offend somebody.