Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!

As seen on T.V! :smiley:

I built the famous “rock paper scissors lizard spock” game from The Big Bang Theory tv show.

All the icons are actually from a web font called Font Awesome, a little bit like @albert’s social icons app he showcased yesterday. It’s a nice example of how you can scale icon fonts easily, cutting down on the need for different resolutions and sizes of images - in fact I only used two images in the entire app!

It’s available on Google Play for you to download, any ratings and comments are greatly appreciated! (There’s only small math glitch that I’m aware of…but other than that it works great)

Finally, you can remix the aia yourself if you like!

EDIT: I’m working on a short tutorial for this, but I wanted to share the end result with you all first!


This is so coool!!!


Very nice, @domhnallohanlon!!


Awesome!!! Super cool!


I love it!!!

I’m a big fan of BigBangTheory (also SheldoCoopor xD), and this app will be in the heart of all fans of the app.
Amazing work :clap: :clap: :clap:


I was watching The Big Bang Theory on TV, and I remembered your app and I started playing, but I found some bugs in your app while processing some movements:

As you can see, the game interprets the selection as if I were the computer and vice versa

There are other movements that are wrong, but I can’t remember what, sorry :sweat:


Thanks @barreeeiroo - It’s actually on my to-do list, as far as I could tell there was some issue with the modulo arithmetic (I probably did it the wrong way around)

Also, that tab escape character definitely shouldn’t be there either! :grinning:

Thanks for taking the time to try out my app - I really appreciate it. Hopefully I’m make those improvements tomorrow!


Thanks, it’s a great app :+1:


Please give me aia file.

I guess you didn’t read the topic. There is a link at the top.


@MOTIVE_MIND as @Peter_Mathijssen has pointed out you can find it in my first post:

Let us know if you build anything with it!

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Thanks for this :wink:

It’s possible to edit your aia to publish on Playstore ?
I will credit your name or any info you like :wink:

I am not able to use the link so could you please send it again. I am a big fan of BBT and would love to play the game.

if possible please send it tomorrow