Tic Tac Toe with "Artificial Intelligence"

We set ourselves a challenge here recently of going through the entire app publication process (again!) to see what had changed since last time. To do this an app was required - so we chose Tic Tac Toe (or naughts and crosses, or Xs and Os - whichever you prefer.)

After a few weeks testing, here is version 1.0. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but I’d love to get feedback on what you think should be fixed first.

Game Play

Main Menu:

Game Screen:

Identify the winner:

Game Over


I want to thank the @Community_Testers who helped out while this app was in beta, in particular @BlueWhaleYT and @eoinparkinson who helped improve the UX greatly.

If you want to help Beta Test apps for other Community members, please consider joining the Community Testers group


The undo button are weird,look like is overlapping many shadow of the button.
(when disabled


Thanks again @BlueWhaleYT - I have an update planned around this button as it happens, so I might remove the shadows then too.

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I tried to do this as a challenge for myself, too. Great job on the UI everyone :clap: Since there is an ideal strategy, playing against a computer opponent would be nice. I found this very difficult in my version of the app, since there is no way to cycle through the fields, similar to the AnyComponent from Thunkable Classic


The AI is fantastic, credit where credit is due. The stats is a pretty cool feature, can’t find any bugs with this version of the app. The UI is simple and intuitive, by far the best update for this app! Can’t wait to see what else you will add in the future. Maybe online multi-player? :slight_smile:


Hi there, @domhnallohanlon.
When I switched to play with A.I
Sometimes it said Oops!The O cannot move there
After I close the dialog,the O user become my control.
The X user also is mine.
The A.I accidentally revoked.


It’s good. :sweat_smile: To play with AI
I don’t feel overlapping problems on mine Redmi 5
AI is failing mine many tricks :sweat_smile:
AI is best.

Like I suggest to make some levels like

And firebase leaderboard also so that user will be attached more with it :relaxed:


Thanks for the nice feedback @Red_Panda - just to let you know that I used the Any Component blocks in Thunkable X - these were added a while ago

Thanks @eoinparkinson - yes, the long term goal for this is to have an “invite your friend” style multiplayer whenever I get time, but for now I have lots of small tweaks and updates to make first.

Thanks @BlueWhaleYT for reporting this - I redid the blocks for how turns are handled, so hopefully this works more reliably now.

Great suggestions @sushil_balami, I’ll definitely add different strengths to the AI, not sure how the leaderboard would work though. I’ll have a think about it.


Thanks to everyone who downloaded, tested and left reviews in the Android version.

Just by way of a quick update - the iOS version of this app is now available. If you happen to have an iPhone or iPad I’d love to know how well this works for you.


The app is quite good I think


Thanks for the feedback @aidenbok203!

Any features you’d like to see in the future??

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The app works nicely! Sound effects would be a nice addition to the game. Also, using a “hidden” navigator would help prevent the screens from sliding in the middle of the game.

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I must’ve missed that. I was now able to rework parts of my app, let’s see if anyone can get a computer player to work. The blocks canvas is still awfully laggy, I have up to two seconds delay. Not very responsive…


Is it possible to get the project so I can learn how you performed the steps?


I might open source this project in the future if I end up not having the time to maintain it, but happy to answer any specific questions if you have them.

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this project - but you can now play it as a web app.

Check it out:

Wow the app looks fantastic…
Good job everybody who made this. The AI version sounds great.

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please give me link for remix in latest version

Very good but please fix this AI issue that the AI rarely wins. It is so easy to beat the AI even with better AI mode on

@domhnallohanlon please give me link to remix thanks :slight_smile: