[Solved] Optimizing my tic tac toe game

I’ve just finished a tic tac toe app, but I want to add ultimate ttt too, but the code for the original game is already heavy so I would like to optimize and simplify it, I’ve already chosen to use red/blue backgrounds instead of X/O images for the ultimate version.


I don’t need help to make the ultimate version (yet) just to better the OG game code

It’s a lot of work to look through your code, understand it, and suggest optimizations. Are you looking to hire someone to help with this? If not, you might consider posting a screenshot of specific code you’re hoping to simplify and explaining the purpose of it.

I reviewed some of your code and it’s pretty optimized for what you’re doing. Not much else I can think of. Just keep at it and good luck.

at the moment I don’t need/can hire anyone, and from what I understand from these first two replies it’s already quite optimized/ shortened so I think I’ll mark this as solved

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