App created on thunkable working on 'live test' but not on the mobile thunkable live app


I am a beginner at Thunkable and recently made a game - tic tac toe.
This works fine when i’m testing it on the ‘live test’ option on Thunkable. But the same does not work when i test it on my mobile through thunkable live app.
Any idea why is this happening?
Any help to get me out of the mess will be appreciated! it’s really driving me nuts!!!

The app link-


Your app works well on my Android 9. But you have so many repetitive blocks that the app is very slow!

I was too hasty with my answer. The app works in Android Live, but it has logical errors. This app needs to be simplified


Thankyou so much for the reply!!
I really appreciate it!

Any ideas on how to simplify the code further?

To simplify it, you need to:

  1. Automatically create a playing field
  2. Use only one click handler for all buttons
  3. Use a reliable algorithm to check the results of a move based on the list of winning combinations

You can think about this yourself (which will be very useful for developing your thinking) or see the basic example on the scrTicTacToe screen in the project

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Thanku actech!

I’ll try it out :smiley: