Tap: A Game of Tapping Dots

Hey guys, I’m new to this site but I have built an app here in my short time. I have used app inventor 2, But nothing serious. I have worked with someone else to build another app the old fashion way ( I only did graphics no coding), but I decided it’s my turn to create. Thanks to this wonderful community I was able to put a nice game together I call Tap. It’s a simple game of tapping dots get points, also some dots will take points away. It was inspired by wack a mole…lol. I still have a lot more I plan on doing, but I like where it is starting. It’s available in the play store for a small price, but I have reserved some promo codes for this community if you want to try it out. bit.ly/TapTheDot


The graphics look really nice but unfortunately it’s not available to download in Ireland.

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I fixed that. It will take a bit , but I updated to make Ireland apart of it. Would you like a code?

Within short time you did great job @Scottie_Rowland :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I hope it does good to continue the work Im will continue to out in. Several ideas of where to go. It’s just figuring out how to get there.

I’m getting mad now. My All button are working fine expect one button. When I click that button, app stop working :frowning:

with my app?

No. I’m talking about mine one :slight_smile:

lol…giving me a heart attack. :joy:

haha no dude. This is my 2nd one. 1st one getting good success. 2nd one ready to launch. But trying to fixing this issue :slight_smile:

Why not let the whole world enjoy it? In the Netherlands it is also not available.

My first time doing the process of release… Gonna fix it

Released world wide

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Again let me know who wants a code

Well if you want me to try it out i would like a promocode.

Thank you for the code. I tried the game a first time just now. It is really fast, maybe to fast. Most of the time i was just tapping blindly on the screen. And when i finally was building points the game was over but i was stil tapping the screen so i tapped the retry button and the game restarted. Didn’t see how many points i had, was closing in on 100. Don’t know if that was a good score :sunglasses:

I like the font but it looks thin on a bright white screen. Maybe due to the color red used. I have a lot of white space on the instructions screen. Maybe make everything bigger. The same goes for the settingsscreen.

Thanks for the input. With the speed any slower and it’s really not fun. Once you play you realize you can go slower and score more. Kinda like flappy Bird. You realize how.

With the replay, I didn’t like it but wanted to see how others reacted to see if it was a big deal. Looking into other ways to fix that.

I will tinker with font.

Thanks for the input. If you can a rating would be awesome

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New version released

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Hi there, do you still have some promo codes left? Would love to try the game :slight_smile: