My first ever published app has been updated!


Hi all,

About a year ago, I finally created my first ever app using the fantastic Thunkable :smile: - I didn’t know anything about coding until I started to play around at AI2, but it’s only since I joined Thunkable that I’ve made something to publish!

Jasper goes Skiing was published in Aug 2017, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since then! Until now!!

¤ Full Global Leadeboard added, so you can see how you rank against the rest of the world.
¤ All scores reset, as changes to gameplay have also been introduced to V2.

I’d appreciate any feedback, both good or bad, as I am still learning, slowly! I have since published three basic apps since one, but my fifth one is going to be the biggest, most complex of them all :smile:

thanks for your time


App of the Month: October 2018

thanks to the whole community, but I felt i should give a mention to two people that have helped me.

azaotl - your tutorials on you-tube are extremely helpful.

Domhnall - I read a post you made on the forum about using cloudstitch for a global leaderboard - which I have implemented in version 2.


Really addictive game but it would be great if we can also change the characters.


Thanks pritsceo, definitely something i will look at in the future :smile:


Already had 2 updates since version 2! If you downloaded previously, please update to the new version :slight_smile:




Thank you, this was my first attempt at a game, but my next (5th app) is already far more complex than anything I’ve done so far. I look at the blocks of jasper now and there are many things i couldve done better - so my knowledge has grown :slight_smile:


poor old Jasper seems to be crashing a bit … something show a long list of numbers … maybe related to global score board?


Yes, that is a global high score list :slight_smile:


Something is wrong with the global highscore :thinking:

Also, when go go from the highscore to the start screen, something is wrong



Thank you fo posting. I will get this resolved regarding the split screen - i obviously didn’t set high scores arrangement visible to false on the notfier. I will also take a look at the spreadsheet for high scores:)


The leaderboard error has been sorted now :slight_smile: