My second ever game published today - made completely with THUNKABLE! :)

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce that my second ever app has been published to Google Play. Seeing that I know little about coding, thunkable has proved itself a great platform for anyone to create android apps.

When I released my first game a couple of months ago, this forum gave me invaluable feedback, which left me with a lot of work to do - to improve my game. I believe my second game at launch is a lot better than my first game at launch.

So, here is my new game and, like my first game, features Jasper the cat. This time he is flying a plane! Feel free to download and leave feedback or raise bugs with me. This game has been made entirely through Thunkable :slight_smile:



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Thank you all. :smile:

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Loop the music till the game is over


Its a fun Little game you made :smiley: keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What would i do about the small pause when the music ends and restarts?

Thank you very much :smile:

Well done

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very good! but i think you don’t have unchecked the test version of your ads xD
i have a question, how you have done it with global score??

Thanks for checking my game lazzarotti. I’m 95.7% sure I unchecked test mode, but what makes you think otherwise? :expressionless:

I did the global score by using a tinywebdb and my custom url :). I’ve read on many posts that firebase is the way to go, but i’ve not explored this option yet.

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