Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store



Thanks, but I already tested this and it did not work :confused: in the main screen (Map) I would open the other screens, and to return to Map, I used the “Close Screen” block, however the memory keeps accumulating


Now I’m creating the interface of the Capture screen, I also had the idea of including a photo mode, I think it’s fun.

(The interface is not complete yet, several elements are missing)


Update: It will be possible to choose your avatar to walk on the map.




Last updated today:

  • New buttons for the “Shop” and “Ghost Container” included on the map

  • Profile screen initially implemented, it is already possible to change the nickname, avatar, and scan a QR Code (which will be used to redeem rewards, etc). In this screen will also be implemented the visualization of earned badges and walks.



  • Now I’m starting to develop the interface of the container (screen where the captured ghosts will be)

  • News are downloaded from the firebase according to the system language (if supported by the game)


I created a new game icon

Contensor screen operation is complete: Thanks to a dynamic interface component, you can capture as many ghosts as you want, and all will be displayed on this screen, along with your name (which can be customized)…


Now it is possible to track the amount of steps and the distance traveled.


Very nice. Good to see that you are improving the game before it is relesed with all possibilities. It’s a sign of a good developer’s.

Keep it up!



Thank you, I’m always trying to make the best possible :blush:




Update: Now I started the implementation of the ghost visualization screen.


You can integrate Amazon’s game on feature for new possibilities :grinning::grinning:


I have no idea how it is used in Thunkable :thinking:, but I’ll take a look


Lately I’m a little busy with college, because of that, development has slowed down.
But today I had a little time and made some adjustments in 2 screens:

  • I improved the design of the screen “Profile”
  • I added lanterns to the store.


Purchased items now appear in the backpack


Anyone who wants to test the apk (which currently is basically see how the interface is, see the avatar walking on the map, etc.) can download here:

(All text is only in Portuguese, for now)

*To save a ghost in the Contensor, hold down the button to access the “Profile” screen (on the map) and then touch the vacuum cleaner


Very professional. Neat and clean all screens and features… good job



  • You can make a ghost (Gelita!) appear on the map to capture it (in this case, just to save it in the container) by holding down the backpack on the map

*To save the ghost, touch the vacuum cleaner



One more update hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Now it’s possible to give nicknames to ghosts
  • It is possible to delete ghosts
  • If you reach the limit (currently 10) you will not be able to catch more ghosts