Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store



Thank you :smile:


I started implementing the Mini-Game to capture the ghosts.
It will be like this: the game will tell you to touch on certain card, each time you touch on the right card, the energy bar will fill up, when it reaches the end you can capture the ghost.
*Every few seconds, the cards are randomized



  • Implementation of the Mini-Game Demo in the capture :ghost: (Touch the pink ghost cards)
  • Energy is functional :battery:



I completely redesigned the “Ghost Stop”!

             Before                                  After


Adjustments on the “Profile” screen

             Before                                After


New adjustment on the “Ghost Details” screen

             Before                                After



  • Several interface improvements
  • New Ghost (kungry)
  • You can get energy in “Ghost Stops” (touch on the second card)
  • Test background music added (Not in apk, is temporarily downloaded to play)



I redesigned the capture mode, I think it look like more attractive and interesting now :blush:

Legend of the game text:
Touch on the cards with a pink ghost -Screenshot 1 and 2

Legend of the game text:
Touch on the vacuum cleaner several times to capture. -Screenshot 3
Touch on the flashlight for another chance to capture. -Screenshot 4

Download Update


New update:

  • New splash screen
  • New ghosts included in the game (totaling 5)
  • System of download of extra data (now the textures of the ghosts are no longer in the apk, as well as the music) - This allows me to include new ghosts without needing to update the apk
  • Translation of game to English
  • Load optimization (no black screen for many seconds)
  • Bug fixes

New Ghosts:


Yeah! Finally English! Awesome work!


WOW… thats great XD but i have a question that is how you make to download extra files and which server?


When you open the app, it checks the version number that is in the Firebase database, and compares it with the version number saved in the app (TinyDB) if it is different, it will accuse you of having to download extra data.


I’ve used these extensions:

ExtendedWebViewer: To download the .zip file containing the textures and the file with names, amount and descriptions of the ghosts. (this .zip is hosted on Google Drive, the extension is downloaded through this direct link:

TaifunFile: By default, the file will be downloaded in the “Download” folder, so with this extension I move the .zip file to a hidden folder (so that the textures do not appear in the gallery), and after extraction, I delete the .zip also

TaifunZip: And finally, this extension extracts the .zip so I can read the files normally

Hiding images "assets" from the phone

I’m glad you liked it :smile:


Two new ghosts available, just open the game to download the update!



New update:

  • New screen to buy items in the store
  • Currency (GhostCoins) of the game is now functional
  • Demonstrated purchase of GhostCoins implemented (currently does not buy anything for real, only adds 100 GC to your game)
  • Implemented warning screen



Please add english item names and descriptions, you forgot to translate them


Where you used cardview?


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll translate for the next update :smile:


I use cardview for the news screen, because it is a dynamic component, so I can put several news, without having to tinker with the layout and without needing to update the apk, since they are downloaded from Firebase


Congratulations @Gabriel_Ferraz

Please host your app in Playstore Beta Category. Your app has very good chances of winning best apps category from Google play.