Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store



Thank you! :smile: I’ll do it soon, I just need to implement a few more things before



  • There are now counts of items in the backpack
  • When capturing a ghost, you will have a vacuum cleaner less
  • Item descriptions implemented in the store (also translated to English)
  • Adjustments in the layout of the item purchase screen
  • Now you can buy energy, expanssion to the backpack and expanssion to the ghost container in the store



I’m working on several random things :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Zoom Out Limited

  • Store prices adjusted

  • Gain XP by Picking Up or Improving a Ghost

  • Level bar displays the player’s actual level

  • Capture time varies depending to the Vacuum Cleaner

  • Extra capture time varies according to the Flashlight

  • Chances of the ghost flee according to the Vacuum Cleaner used

  • When releasing a Ghost, you will gain a Candy from it, you can use Candys to improve ghost strength (and in the future, for evolutions)

  • When generating a ghost (Time varies from 3 to 6 minutes), it will be saved in Firebase and will appear on the map of other players

  • Several animations in the interface

Animation to open the capture (the recording got a bit slow and locked):


The UI and images are :fire:


Hi there , I wonder if you’ve got any solution to the limitation of app sizing that can’t exceed 10 mb , so what did you do with the game assets ?
nice game and nice idea by the way.



Follow this :point_down: article by @Taifun

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB


I used the Extended Webviewer extension method :grin:


But i mean the assets of the game … The image of the ghost the image of coins ,vacuum ,torch …etc
Doesn’t the app crashes when you add many assets or else using extended web viewer extension override this thing


When I hide an arrangement, I remove the images from the components, and thus the memory occupied by those images is cleaned (so I can keep the game RAM cost around 150mb to 250mb, and using images with a relatively high resolution)

Example, when the user touches the “Ok” button on the game warning screen, I remove the textures from that arrangement


I’ve implemented the above-mentioned items, as well as a Ghost Stops Bonus screen. (If you want some in your city or near you, send me the coordinates (latitude and longitude) where you want me to put one) a player data backup system (if you uninstall the app, you will not lose your ghosts, GhostCoins, vacuum cleaners, flashlights…)


Link to Beta:


English version plzzzzzz!


The app have English version…


You really made from thunkable


Is available in English and Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes :smile:


I would like to know your feedback regarding this Beta, feel free to talk…Also if you want, you can give us ideas and suggestions :blush:


Umm @Gabriel_Ferraz, any news about this app? Or you are just relaxing and enjoying the summer vacation? :smile: :sunglasses:


Ok, bit now i have tell you some “bad” things :pensive:

In the screenshot below, as you can see, the map doesn’t load.
Then there’s another graphical error on the top bar.

This error appeared at the first run of the appz right after the signup


Here is a little different, my vacation is over, so I’m a little busy with college :sweat:


First: Thanx :smile:

Second: I cleaned the ghosts database, could you try again and tell me if the bug continues? Oh, can you check if your GPS is turned on (high precision)?