Catch Ghost - Beta Available on Play Store



Can you just tell me about the Map. How you made it to Zoom in and Zoom Out. Please tell only this much


I did it that way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*Both are floating buttons
*In “Zoom Out” I put a limitation on zoom (When it reaches 16, the zoom out button is hidden)



Actually I wanted to know how you animated the Map


actually I wanted to know about this Map. How you animated it.


That means your map doesn’t have Data like Bank, Hospital and Address and is in Simple Blue Colour. How you did it my Brother


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Can we make Custom Avatar move on the Map?


Tell me I Would Donate you if you Help me.


How do you use real time maps like “pokeon go” can you tell me the trick in this topic :

How can we make a game like "Pokemon Go"


@Gabriel_Ferraz has re-released this app as an open source project, you can support it here:


All this made with thunkable? Great.
I get the same error :point_down: but only the first time, I haven’t the pic. Then the app works and is amazing. :+1:

P.S. I have 2 account google but game gets only one and I can’t chose or change it in the textbox.


As soon as I go on vacation, I’ll see how I can add a menu to choose the Google account :slightly_smiling_face: