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Yes im use an icon but it is in 192x192 format. In my opinion, this error occurs when switching from an AdMob Interstitial (close) ad unit to a screen containing a Data Viewer List. User photos were eliminated in the tests. Therefore, I believe that they do not indicate influence. The strange thing is that this problem is not permanent.

I see. For what is worth, I created an app with your gif and it is working fine on a Samsung S6 running Android 7, which is a device that consistently fails with large images, so that does not seem to be the issue if users’ pictures are not a factor.

Do you want a link to the project?

Feel free to DM it, although if you have a much smaller example that reproduces the error, that would be more helpful, especially if the app is large.

I think the problem is caused by the Data Viewer List module. A few days ago I updated one of my old applications (I added this module Data Viewer List) and now I am testing it. Here is the error that occurred.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I haven’t changed anything else in the application.

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Is there a way to stop the links from expiring?

Hi @mosesman831 We have to expire the links and remove the built apps periodically. We build thousands of these on a daily basis so it is not possible for us to keep them all.
You can download the apk and host it on your own [free] service such as google drive or dropbox.


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I am seeing an issue where a number of images used in my app won’t be displayed in the compiled version but will be displayed in the Live companion app. @jose something you could check in the logs? It is the latest one I compiled for Android. The file names are:

  • social_instagram.png
  • social_youtube.png
  • icon_q_CityArt.png
  • icon_q_Cinemas.png

Many thanks.

hey @Deluxe can you DM the project details? Thanks!