[Solved] Displaying embedded files in the PDF Viewer

If any screen contain pdf reader then app is not entering to screen, stuck with Flash screen. In my screen I have Pdf viewer, Canvas and Text Input feed. hence, it is not opening the screen,

I have tested by making separated app, the same issue is observed.

Hi @sathishagpala I just created an app with a pdf viewer and it has built and can see it on my device. Can you share the test project you made and it is supposed to fail? Thanks!

Hi, one major issue I am observing in all my project, If any PDF viewer added to screen, then build is not working, It gives/stuck at flash screen. One iof the screen i added pd viewer, Canvas and text editor, when I lined to button it does not load. it works on live test not afer building the project. plz check. thi issue observed in recently. Previously it was working plz check Thunkable


Test on Android phone, I have tested Huwai Nov3i android device

Hi @sathishagpala thanks for the sample project, I can see what is happening. URLs for pdf still work, but embedded files are failing to load.
We will patch up the server as soon as we can.

Hi again, we have now patched up the server and I can build your test project and see the pdf when clicking on the button and navigating to the next screen. Thanks!

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