The pdf viewer is having problems

Im having Issue in my app it is that the pdf viewer is not showing my whole pdf and then the pdf that is visible that is coming on the left side of the page when I am viewing it in the web app using thunkable pro.

Link of the app

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Try increasing the size of the pdf viewer

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Hey @garv.agarwal thanks for sharing that link - I noticed a couple of things in your project:

The first was that you were setting the Background Picture of your Screen, rather than working with the properties of the PDF component.
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 13.51.10
The background picture property can only be .png, .jpg etc.

Next was that your PDF viewer seemed to be invisible:
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 13.54.38
To resolve this make sure that the “visible” switch is set to true.

When the PDF viewer is visible in the designer you can see the prompt: “Please view the PDF file on the phone”, so web testing is not the way to go here.

Finally, when I open the app on Thunkable Live the PDF seems to load fine for me:


Thanks @domhnallohanlon

You really taught something new even though I did not ask!

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