How can I view pdf file using PDF Reader in thunkable X?

Hi everyone,
I encountered a problem to view my pdf file using PDF Reader.

I just want it able to view a pdf file when I move to that particular screen. However, when I test it using thunkable live, an error occur (as attached in the pic).

How can I solve this problem?

@adie.0951 Did you resolve this? I’m having the same issue…

@adie.0951 @wavcow

See this post. I can also post an example video in the next day if you DM me to remind me

[Solved] PDF viewer issue iOS?

That’s ok, thanks! Will give this a go.

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@adie.0951 @wavcow

Hey all! Here is a video (no audio) on how i am currently viewing PDF’s in my apps.

weird though. the PDF viewer makes my iphone crash no matter how I view a PDF. If i load it dynamically through a URL or via an asset stored on the phone


Nice!! I am having this issue with iphone too. Do you need to have a paid account of cloudinary to do this, right? I tried with my free account and it did not work. Do you know if is there any way to do this for free? Thank you! :slight_smile: