How can I view a PDF file?

Hi dear, I am Salman Sijabat.
I am building my book app ios projects. Can anyone help me how my view pdf file.
I attached addres my book app ios project.
Thank you very much for your help


There is a way to do this currently but it only works on iOS devices, not Android. On iOS you can use a Web Viewer component to view PDF files. You can put a link to the PDF file in the URL field of the component or you can upload the PDF file to your project. See here for how to upload files.

If you choose to upload the files, you simply have to put the name of file in the Web Viewer’s URL field. Here is an example of using uploaded files in a Web Viewer. It doesn’t contain PDF files but the idea is the same.

Feel free to reply to this message if you need more help.


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Hi Mark,
I understood I cannot use Web viewer component to view PDF file in Android, it gives me an ALERT…Sorry, an error occurred.
could you please tell me how solve this problem in Android?
Thank you!

Host the pdf on cloudinary. Link to it from there on the webviewer

thanks Jared1