Uploading .PDF from App

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My app enables my users to share office documents.
Most of the Documents would be in .PDF format, but Thunkable X only has a way of uploading .JPG/.PNG (images) through Photo Library.

Is there any way, to enable the user to select a File/Document from his/her device?

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P.S. I have read previous threads on this topic, but could not find anything helpful to me…

I’m not too familiar with it but it looks like Cloudinary allows PDF upload:


Oh, nevermind, I don’t think Thunkable provides a way to select a file such as a PDF on a device.

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It looks like there may have been a way but the link @Mark provides no longer works.

Edit: although it implies that the PDFs would have to be pre-loaded in the app which is not what you want.

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I’ve updated that post, but as you’ve noted that doesn’t really provide what @kartik14 wants.

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So, @mark, is it possible to let the user select a .PDF file from his/her device?

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There is not currently a general file picker component, which I think is what you are asking for.


So, are there any plans on it?

Thanks for your reply! :blush:

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I also look for a way to upload files, for example to build an app where the user can upload pictures or documents, and the app processes them further. The upload should be possible form a local drive, or google drive or apple cloud.

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