Thunkable Android Build Issue

Hello, good day, I am new in Thunkable, I am trying to download my app but an error keeps popping up saying “Android Build Server Issue”. Now my estimated download time is over 200 minutes. Can’t really wait that long :(.

What should I do? I spend a ton of time for the project. Am I be able to download my app?

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First of all, hallelujah that there’s a status message on the projects page! I wasn’t aware that we could subscribe to updates.

If you click View latest updates, the message says:

 " **Investigating** - We are seeing some build failures from the Android Build Servers."

So I would assume that your 200 minutes is potentially not accurate. Obviously, they are aware of the problem and working to fix it. But as you can imagine, it might take longer than 200 minutes to fix. :wink:

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Yep, That status message wasn’t showing up last night only emails saying the project did not build, so yea Hallelujah!!!

even i tried to download projects along time a go