Cannot build Android app

I’m not able to build my Thunkable app - I’ve tried to build the android apk many times yesteday and today and it says the build server is busy every time.

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Hey @muzekode :wave:

Welcome to the community!

Can you share a screenshot of the error message you are seeing please?

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I’ve tried this over quite a few days.

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So this message should only appear if you click the download button repeatedly without waiting for the first build to complete.

The build process can take a minute or two to complete and then the download should start on your computer.

If you don’t wait for your build to complete then you will see this message.

Hope that makes sense?


I’ve waited quite a few days @domhnallohanlon! I only pressed the build button once and it isn’t building. I’ve even tried duplicating that app and trying to build that one - that doesn’t work either.

All other apps allow me to build them.

That sounds strange @muzekode

Do you want to PM me your project and I’ll see if it works for me?


I m not able to make a app

Hey @newtonsharma01e is this working for you now?

If you are seeing any error message can you please let us know?