Installing downloaded Android apk files does not work anymore

Since release of the new Thunkable X environment downloaded apk files will not install.

It worked until today.

Tested again: get an error message saying that parsing was a problem when trying to install the .apk file.

Any ideas as to what can be the issue here?

Compiling works for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also installing?

I tested another app and also on another device - same problem.

Installing works on my Moto E with Android 5.1

Just tested again on Android 8.0 and Android 7.1.

Still an issue for freshly built apps.

@Thunkable: Can you reproduce this? (BTW: Live test on Android still works - it’s the built .apk file that is corrupt)

Can it be related to the app icon or other app settings/properties?

Oh well - something has been changed: I needed to update my Bundle ID to the correct format.

The app icon is still wrong, though.

Got the app building by changing the Bundle ID property - but now iOS does not build (seems unrelated to the Bundle ID - but who knows…).

EDIT: Now iOS apps seem to build again. Super.

Hmmm - the build process/environment seems awfully slow when building for iOS (several hours delay) - maybe a restart of your build server could help?

Apologies – we did restart our iOS build server – hopefully this works more quickly for you now.

Thanks a lot, Albert. That seemed to do the trick.

BTW: I believe that once your build system (for any initial reason) starts to slow down there’s a risk that users will commit more than one build job making the delays even worse - which in turn may lead to even more build jobs being committed and so on.

Some sort of receipt for the job (e.g. queue number) may make the progress more visible to users. Also the build limit (of one job)? does not seem to work…?

Hope that helps a bit.

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Yes, you are absolutely correct. We had a limit in but our latest release seemed to break that limit so we made a fix for that. More optimization on the build side to come.