Рroblem with installing applications

Good day!
I made an application in Thunkable X, download it to android. After installing the apk file, I start the installation, everything is ok. But the application does not open. There is an error. Rebooting and reinstalling does not help. What could be the reason?

Hi @belteinov

Are you using a cloud-based component, like MediaDB or Airtable by any chance??

no, how can this affect?

Hi @belteinov,

If your error appears after installing the apk, am I correct in guessing that it says something like “there was an error parsing the package”?

If so, make sure it has an App Bundle ID and an Android version name.

You can find both of these in your app settings. Click your project name to open the App Settings screen.

Your app bundle ID must be:

A series of strings separated by periods ’ .’
Each string must be lowercase letters (optionally followed by numbers).
A string cannot begin with numbers.
A string cannot have any uppercase letters in it.
A string cannot have accents on the letters.

The App (Bundle) ID cannot begin or end with a period.

The Android version name simply needs to be a string of letters and numbers. There are no limits regarding case, accents, etc.
If your Android Version Name is ‘NaN’ in your App Settings, that means no value has been entered.

Let me know if either of these apply to your project, and if they help!

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I tried what you advised, thanks.
The problem starts after installing the application. when you open it a notification pops up
"application crashed again
close the application. "

do you have multiple when Screen1 starts or opens blocks @belteinov

Is everything working on for you when testing in Thunkable Live?

hi! This is an open project, you can see for yourself. I do not quite understand how it should be built, maybe the problem is in blocks. in Thunkable Live everything works.


I used cloud firebase. my app works fine in the simulator but does not install in android:
“parsing error - problems with parsing the package”