[Solved]Parse Error when installing apk

I am trying to make a test app to learn some function.The live test work fine, however, when I download the apk file, it can’t install on my sony xperia XZ(Android 9).
Here is my project: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/af14ff5d3a8a646e78632d951ee8cab8
Is there any way to fix this problem? Thanks!

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Hi there,

This can happen if any section of the App (Bundle) ID begins with letters.

For example, the App (Bundle) ID com.thunkable.user.app is fine, but com.thunkable.1user.app is not fine.

Could this be affecting your app?

If you click your app’s logo in the upper left hand corner of the Components window, you can open an App Settings window on the right-hand side of the screen. In this window, you’ll see a property called App (Bundle) ID.

If this is the issue, you can edit the ID.


It works! Thank you very much!

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Glad to hear it :grinning: