Same project(no change) but download two APK file at different time, first one can be installed , the other can't


Hi~ Sir:
I currently encounter some APK download and install issue.
So I make many copies of my project for any further modification. (xxx-1, xxx-2,…)
But I can’t generate any workable APK file after version 4.

So I go back to first workable version project(xxx-1), and the download the APK again,
the new APK can’t be installed on my Android phone anymore.
The old APK file still can be installed.
I check file size of two APK file is exactly the same.

Did any one encounter this issue before?


Are you getting any error messages when you try to install the new APK? If so, could you take a screenshot or otherwise tell us the error?

As a workaround, you should be able to delete the old app on the phone and then install the new APK. If you really need to have both the new and the old app, then you’ll need to change the ‘App (Bundle) ID’ for the new app in the ‘App Settings’ panel.


Click on your app name in the top left of the screen to open the App Settings.

Hope this helps.



Hi~ Mark:
Thanks for your response.

I did uninstall old APP each time before I install the new one.
But still got the error message when I install the new one.
The Error message is Chinese. I think the translation is "Parsing error "

This is my project:

This is two APK file link. You can see the file size is the same.

A other strange thing I observe is these two files shows different icon in phone’s file manager.
I can see my own icon on “OK to install” APK file. But see .APK image icon on “fail to install” APK file.
You can see the attached picture.




We’re taking a look and will get back to you with anything that we discover.




I think that we’ve identified the problem. It seems that Android can’t deal with App IDs which end in just digits (after the last period). For example you can see here that in my copy of your project the App (Bundle) ID ends in “05081”. I’m guessing that it is similar for you.


The solution is simply to change that last bit in the App (Bundle) ID to at least start with an english letter or letters.

Click on your app name in the top left of the screen to open the App Settings.

Note that this was not your fault! By default we generate the App (Bundle) ID for you and we did a bad job here.

Hope this helps.



Hi~ Mark:
I change the bundle ID then it works.

That’s cool you find the root cause.
I’m very impressed to get the solution so fast.
Thanks for your investigation very much.



You are very welcome, Kate.