Upcoming Bug Fix Release V247

Hey friends,

We are planning to roll out a bug fix release. It improves the app variable and prevents app opening twice. You can access the upcoming release below -

Please make sure your apps with app variables still work as expected at the instance above.



This is good news! I ran it through its paces with a firebase-heavy app and my largest project (air quality app) and both seemed to work well.


yay i will try when is it coming?
i use vars for half of my projects no all is fine
great work team thunkable

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Dear Wei, can you please tell me, will there ever be a change in a way that stored and cloud variables are being defined?
I’m really missing a hook to define them as objects or arrays. Right now I have the app where I keep a lot of fader states in an object, and there’s no way to store it locally. I really expected it to be covered, but no.
Any ideas, maybe I’m wrong?Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 08.50.18 Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 08.50.29 Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 08.50.39

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Thanks for the pre-production heads up and testing environment!!!

In order to test more effectively, can you provide any of the following?

For the app variables, what situations are most likely to see behavior changes? Data types stored (text, numbers, objects, lists)?

Will these changes affect “screen” level variables, like function parameters and loop variables?

Thanks again!

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Hi @wei,

Thank you so much for this great work. The variables seem work fine for me.

However, the twice opening seems fine on “Thunkable live” but I can still face the issue on downloaded iOS and Android apps. Could you please confirm?


I’ve run into a bit of a problem with the open and start events and how they manipulate a screen level variable.I understand that concurrent events can simultaneously update variables. But I thought it was interesting that after a FROM …TO loop, both loops incremented the counter. I also find it odd that the counter (MyLoop) was incremented PAST the last value. It would seem like it should stop BEFORE incrementing. Is seems like “under-the-hood” that the check is after the increment, where I would expect is would be before. This leads to the counter reaching 12 instead of the expected 10.

I’m not sure if this is related to the “improved” app variables.


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