Problem with variable?

Anyone has problems with the variables on ios ? since the last thunkable update ?


Hi @danyklein thanks for taking the time to post about this.

In order to help with your question we need a little more information about when and where you are experiencing problems with the variable blocks in your project.

As you know we have 3 types of variables available, there are app variables, cloud variables and stored variables. Since each of these behaves slightly differently, could you please begin by clarifying which variable or variables you are using in your project?

In addition to my first question, you will also be aware that there are two different ways to test your app. You can live preview your app with the Thunkable Live app or you can install your project directly on your device.

Can you elaborate for us which of these methods you are using please? If you are using Thunkable Live, can you clarify if your are installing the app from the App Store (for iOS 12 and older) or if you are installing the app from testflight (iOS 13 and newer)

Finally, can you be a little more specific about the following;

What are your variables doing that is problematic? How do you expect them to behave and how are they actually behaving?

Looking forward to you update,

Kind Regards,

For me it is app variable. Everything okay but you need to move your finger on screen to perform the block loop.
On live app (verson120 from play store) and downloaded app the case is same.

Yes like on my app