Can anyone find my bug in variables?!

hi there, I am actually doing an app, and in that, I got a bug with the variables, it is making my app crashed and it is a complex app indeed, so I want some one’s help to figure out the

bug in this.

Please :no_mouth:, anyone reply?!!

I am so sad that no one is replying and though 16 members viewed it @tatiang I think you might help me figure out this problem, Please help!!!
So, in this, there is a bug with the for loop and something with if condition(s) as per my knowledge but I didn’t get what it is ?! So… I need help in finding the bug and I can resolve it, no need for help in resolving

The screenshot is hard to read. You might want to upload a clearer/larger image.

From the looks of it, you’re probably trying to do something with a database that is looping too quickly.

See this: Wrapping Asynchronous (then do) blocks into a Synchronous Function resolves unpredictable results


Yes, I am so sorry and I found the bug and presently I want you @tatiang to leave this