Data does not work in the loop and is not shown in the list view

I made an app to retrieve the branch name information. Which previously used to work normally But now it is not able to retrieve the data to display in the List View. Can recommend a solution
I attached a link to help fix it too.

what is the solution ? the problem came yesterday ?
Have also problem with that and variables

The problem is using global variables as a variable for lists

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Can any one from the team confirme us please and tell is it gonna be fixed? @domhnallohanlon @jane please

I have been observing the instability of global variables for a long time and I can recommend using LocalDB or global component prop (for example Alert) instead of app-variables

I will try to fix as suggested.

Hi @danyklein I have replied to one of your messages in chat support in relation to for loops. When you mention here that you are having a problem with that is it because of the reason that I have mentioned over there? Or is this a different issue? If it is different can you please share screenshots etc.

Thank you.

Hi Domhnall,

i am experience the same issue. that the working app is now responding differently.

1.simple buttons clicks making app crash.
2. taking a lot of time to navigate from one screen to another

and 2 days back app was working correctly but now irrelevant errors are coming in and also after setting background images to the button multiple times if the refresh the screen then the blocks show me error that no image is selected as a background

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Hi @domhnallohanlon , Hi @actech
I tried to create a new project. By placing simple blogs To test the loop, but it doesn’t work anymore How do I fix it?

Hi @domhnallohanlon , Hi @actech
I tried to compare. Extracting data to variables using new loops Both directly pulled And from loading the data in the PHP file, found that it was not stable at all 2 days earlier I use this method to retrieve data and store it normally. Is there a problem with the code conversion system?


You use blocks of global app-type variables (I have not tested stored and cloud, but I think that similar problems are possible with them), which after the last update work unstably. Use alternative solutions instead.

Hi @actech
Its problem is not looping and unstable sometimes, sometimes not. Unlikely about variables

Your project with data. What is the wrong encoding?

Try running this information. What’s wrong? Sometimes click on the page It therefore looping to the next transaction. I think the system has a problem.

Link VDO .

Check it

I see crashes inLive on Android and emulator in both your application and this application by reference. I think that the latest update to Live seriously violated the platform.