One Signal Errors 2020-12-14

This error report is for a project which previously sent One Signal Push Nodifications. If I use the One Signal website, I can send messages to a device directly without issue. The biggest indication that there is a problem with Thunkable is that the GetUserID block is no longer working.

I’ve tested this solution on Android Thunkable live with both the “Moving invisible components to the block editor” on and off. The ON has a new block “push nodification user id”. Off has the Call GetUserID block. I’ve tried both settings and I get the same results

Old Block

New Block

You will notice that the new block causes Android Live test to lock up. I can’t even detect if the value is null. Sounds like a pretty catastrophic failure.

I’m also now having problems with block changes that run successfully on an Android live test disappearing after I change project or go to account settings. :frowning:

I am wondering if the recently announced V247 has been rolled out into production… :frowning:

Can anyone else replicate this issue? Or did I just inadvertently break something?

cc: @funhall @muneer @tatiang


Going back to the docs, I guess I’m now in the not working for all users group.


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It worked for me on the Android Live test on my phone when using the old UI (programming the invisible component). When I switch to the new UI (invisible components in the block screen) it stopped working. I did not download the app and test