🎉 Try out the new blocks editor 2020-11-10

It’s an old project, but I wanted to add some components.
I also started a new project just to test but couldn’t find these components either.

And if you scroll down to the Advanced section?

Yeah, you can have a mix of old and new blocks in the one project, there’s no technical issues with it, but just from a human-readability perspective I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a few examples in the first post of how the new blocks look.

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No can’t find them in the advanced section

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Can you try switch back to the old editor, add realtimeDB and then switch to the new editor again?


So I did what you requested, I switch back to the old editor add the two components( RealtimDB and authentication) and switch back to the new editor now I see these two components in the UI section.

Thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to getting to know the new editor better. And thanks for an awesome program again. :slight_smile:

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Hi @domhnallohanlon!
As I said in this post

this improvement is great. But sadly, I am unable to access some of the features, such as share or Realtime DB. They aren’t appearing in my app. This is an app that I started just today, not an old one. Any idea on where they have gone?

I really like this feature because it is very useful

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Can you try switch back to the old editor, add realtimeDB and then switch to the new editor again?

Any word on when/if the new navigation scheme will allow for adding new RealTimeDB components or will we need to switch between the old and new to add them?

Also, Firebase Sign In has the same issue. :frowning:

Sorry for the delay getting back to you @drted - it’s actually just been rolled into the cloud variable blocks now.

You can still add your own app credentials, as usual, in the app settings page.

cc: @codeswept

Thunkable is such an awful interface. 5 minutes searching and I cant find a single place where one can create a project. Its complete BS. No wonder there are just 3 people logged on to it right now including me. Within a year or so I expect to see a sign which says ‘hey we are closing Thunkable’. It’s just an awful UI.

Pretty harsh words there, @babar.bybr. Have you visited http://x.thunkable.com?


Hey @babar.bybr - I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume you’re not trolling?

It really couldn’t be any simpler to create a new project.

Sign into x.thunkable.com
Click on “create new project”

Happy to make a video of this for you if it’s still unclear.


Much improved.

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Nice improvement. Although I have to switch back and forth to add RealtimeDB and then it appeared in the UI section instead of the Data Source but I like the new look.

Thanks @muneer - we recommend that you use Cloud Variables now instead of RealtimeDB - both are powered by Firebase, so there’s no need to have the RealtimeDB component in new projects any more.

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Thank you for your reply.
I use more than one database and each is created by different Google account. Can you please advise how to use cloud variables to determine which database to use.

Many thanks in advance

That’s an interesting choice - any particular reason for this decision/requirement?

I’ll see what we can do - but I think the intent (even with RealtimeDB) was that there would be a 1:1 ratio of Google Accounts to Thunkable Projects.

Hi @domhnallohanlon!
I have one question about this:
Cloud variables ask that they be named the developer’s choice, but my keys using RealtimeDB are what the user enters. For example, in my chat app, the user enters a room name, and the key for storing messages in the RealtimeDB is the room name. We can’t make the name for a cloud variable what the user enters, because there’s no option for putting a ‘get text’ block as a variable name. That’s why I need the RealtimeDB. I have been shuttling back and forth between the new blocks editor and the old one in order to add some components. Any suggestions on how to do this properly?

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