OMG..Any component block 🎉




Oh god, seriously!??!?! I’m checking it now!

Create?? Wow

I wanna cry, this is very useful, and I will have to rewrite many blocks… :sob:


am I missing something here. Where did you see these component?

Update: Never mind, just seen it but its hidden at the bottom :thinking:


its about time!!! YAY

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so this is basically a way of creating a pretty cool looking list? and then being able to control how many you want to load also. damn. Developers, well done. I love it.


We got the solution for this too! :partying_face:


oh yes! I have just realised this. this is fantastic.


Haha. I will not tell you guys. This section of block mostly I don’t know how to use it (even I read docs already. )
Ofc something remove, any components block I known :slight_smile:

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The duplicate feature I think is the best, by far. As you can create set layouts, and then duplicate them and change their values in Firebase. I think I have it worked out how to do this.


well so far when you create a button, no way to set the button on-click function

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You could do get label text, and then refer this to a tag in Firebase or something, to get a value?

You might be right actually.

For some reason, I feel like this is a feature they didn’t mean to release yet :stuck_out_tongue: As it isn’t in Release Notes.


yea i was wondering myself and was almost jumping up to see the rest of the planned features but had the shock of my life :sob:

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Ahahaha. Im sure it would be possible to do something with list length and variables.

quick question, it is possible to create a variable without using the initialization block?

Yes. But not cloud or stored variables…

Using the function blocks, you can create variables using them, then delete the blocks once done and continue to use the variables.

This still does not fix lag for projects with thousands of blocks though…

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Hey @sysads,

You can create your own functions to do this now:

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An example of working with Any Component on the scrAnyComponent page.