Displaying i images for number of images. Is that possibe?

I believe this may be something to do with lists and images in list view, but what is the best way to display i number of images in app as of the features currently available in Thunkable X?

The only solution I see here now is a list of the image links(list is in blocks, not visible on screen), then have 25 or so image components in the app and just have a select page button (set 25 image components to 1 to 25 in list, then when next page button clicked, set the first image to 26, and so on, using variables and add 25) but is there any alternative to this? I could be dealing with up to 600 or so photos. And the photo links will be retrieved from Firebase :slight_smile:

All help is much appreciated. Anything at all you think might work, please let me know!


If u get any help, share it with me too!

(I’ll also have a photo wall in my app… So I need it for that too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Thanks! :smile:

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Mark this post as watching and you will get all updates :slight_smile:

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