List View with images


Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a listview with images?

I have a pivot table that will generate the listview, so the items will vary according to a search.

Now I can have a listview with 3 images, sometimes with 20 images.

If anyone can help I appreciate it.

you would have to make your own list view by using clone components , the good thing is that thunkable uses cache so each image would only load once
this is something I did…

In a column set it “scrollable” and “fit Contents” so the column will be scrollable, each image you clone in there it has to be fit contents or absolute size one of those so that way the column can be scrollable and each time you reload the list, use the “remove all images component in the clone section” and start again

Hi Daniel,

I’m new to Thunkable.
Could you give me your project or details of how you did it for me to understand better?

it would be easier if you show me or give me an example of how would you like to be your list view with images and i’ll show you how to do it

Extended ListView is coming very soon. Expect this to have image support :slight_smile: Keep an eye out on Release Notes.

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Temporarily, you can try the following example for Live (it will not work in the installed application on iOS).

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