Dynamic image gallery

can you make a scrollable list that shows a dynamic list of images?

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This is possible. Now I will show an example.

Dynamic Images in ListViewer.


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Extended ListViewer (for iOS).


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This project (Extended ListViewer (for iOS)) can still be improved if all the markup is done with html, and on top of the WebViewer you can add an empty list with a transparent background. Simply put, markup is done using WebViewer, and transparent components of the app are superimposed on top of it, with which the user interacts.

I like what you did and thank you a lot for putting so much work into it but I saw that the list that you name list and the image list is pre made i wanted to be able to make something where users could upload images to a server and then other users can see the list of displayed images kinda like a facebook feed

Another example is a ListViewer with two rows per item and the ability to set any image size (up to 95px height).