Thunkable X SMS Send Message Direct

Share1 call SendTextMessage, phoneNumber “xxxxxxxx” message”Hello world”
how can it Send Message Direct.??

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What do you mean by this?

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Hi there,

The app user will always need to manually approve text messages, calls, emails, etc. being made on their behalf.

Otherwise malicious developers would be able to impersonate their users, and do things like call/text numbers with expensive charges attached or spread spam!

I’m sorry that you will not be able to implement this feature in your app.



Hi @jane

The same thing applies for many app permissions on smartphones and for this reason app permissions exist. So for example, an app cannot use the device’s location unless the user has allowed the use of GPS. In the very same way an app cannot send an SMS unless the corresponding permission has not been approved by the user. This is well-explained in the Expo documentation here and you can also see an example of requesting the necessary permission here.

Personally, I would like to see this functionality implemented in Thunkable since it already is available in Expo and React Native. Should I raise a Feature Request or is it by any chance in your roadmap?



Hi @jane!
In my app, users have to enter an OTP (One time password) to login. Because of that, I need the device to automatically send a pre-defined message to the user’s SMS. I am not using email here.
It spoils the UX if the user has to approve their own OTP, that is not getting sent from them but from the device.
Any idea on how to implement this?

hi @Deluxe i think some (maybe many) of us would love to have this feature. And it is just like you explained, obviously every user must approve in advance the SMS permission. How to ask together (i, you and the others) to thunkable staff to have this feature?