Thunkable or Scratch?

I know the results may be biased because I’m on the Thunkable Community… Get it?
But what do people think is better, Thunkable or Scratch?

  • Thunkable
  • Scratch
  • this poll is dumb
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I really appreciate that someone is trying to compare multiple websites like this but really this poll is not comparing the right thing. The reason that I think so is that Thunkable is a very efficient site for coding and using API’s, but Scratch is focused more to the kids who play games and have more of a visual effect . If this was faced on which is better design based, then I would say Scratch. If this was faced on functionality I have to say Thunkable. You get what I mean?

Better for what?

Better for creation of Functionality would be Thunkable in my opinion.
Better for viewer visuals would be Scratch according to me.
However, other people may think differently in their own opinions.

I’ve used Scratch and then Switched to thunkable after 2 more websites, according to me, it’s is a very DUMB question.
Bro why are you Even Comparing a thing that is made for kids having things like motion and looks blocks, to a thing that is made for business and beginner devs to make an App with Web APIs and HTML Extensions?