Suggestion to code

Hi everybody,
I have a suggestion.
Thunkable for me, is the best visual screen lay out developement and in my opinion, blocks are slower then typing code.
So, i think is a good idea thunkable have blocks and a javascript option for coding logic.
Blocks is very good for inexperienced programmers and javaScript is good for advanced programmers.

Thank you.

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Hi there,
Thanks to given the suggestion to the Thunkable Developer.
In my opinion,I think Thunkable is for who don’t know how to write code that’s users,easier to build the app is Thunkable’s goal.
Moreover,this function include JavaScript,and may not to be do it first.But,no executed will be added.
Currently,the Thunkable developer are deciding and making the Extended Listviewer ( more option ) , Canvas and Sprite and Google Sheet.
Keep an eyes and focus at