Thinkable x add code lines

Hi, am I right in saying it is not possible to add lines of code to thunkable x at the moment? Also that extensions cannot be used.
does anyone know if these are planned for the near future?
thanks very much for your help in advance


You’re right. As far as I know in the near future, work with extensions will not appear and now there is an active work on new components.

Adding text code to a project on Thunkable X is interesting, but this is not a top priority. Thunkable X is positioned as a development environment for users who are not familiar with programming. They will not be able to use this code. It would be very strange to see the possibility of adding code when there are not many components necessary for such users. Do you agree with me on this?

Hi sorry to post to this old post but I have to say I disagree. Individual code or more advanced options would be extremely important. Why I Thunkable X for beginners?
Sorry but I am not interested in developing just for Android - cross platform apps aren’t nice they are more must have.


Why Thunkable X for Beginners? Because so decided the developers of this platform. Do you want a professional development tool? See Qt, React Native and more.

if i can use normal java in a block in the builder i would come back to thunkable. I am gone because there are to less components. I build now in kodular. Where you have firebase AUth, Remote config and many other great components which are really useful. As i told if thunkable makes it possible to use java code in the builder i would come back. So we can create own components if you can import SDKs like firebase. or other needed platfrms.
And to have a possibility to create extension will be nice all other builder have this feature. Appybuilder, Kodular. AI