How can I code Javascript in Thunkable? Does work in android and apple?

1.How can I code Javascript in Thunkable?
I want to let me know “Thunkable coding block”.

<script type="text/javascript" src=" 
  loader.js" preloader-text="Loading..." data-fw-param="14/"> 

2.Does work in android and apple ?

you can use web viewer to use html in it

There are file issues… I have checked.

how can code javascript in webviewer?

This is a fairly advanced topic. There are multiple threads on this site. Search for javascript.

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first make a text file and right html code and inside it right your javascript and integrate it with thunakble Webviewer to connect your html with thunkable webviewer see this - GitHub - thunkable/webviewer-extension: Communicate between the Thunkable Web Viewer and a website

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