Look into the coding


Thunkable provides a GUI interface. Wondering if there’s a way to switch and look into the coding behind the scenes such as Wordpress?

Hi @talkingtree, thanks for your request. While this is a neat idea, and one which we do hope to make available in the future, it is not something we are actively working on at the moment.

Do you have a specific use-case in mind, or is this something that you just think would be nice to have.

Was thinking of the following things for long term:

  • What would happen if I want to pass to a developer?
  • How do I further customise the app for functions that is not present on this platform?
  • Would be nice to learn some of the codes

Thanks for your feedback Terry!

Hopefully we’ll see this added in the the future - but we have a lot of exciting new features and components in the works before we get to that I think!